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same day service a cleaner world

Same Day Service

It can be so frustrating to wait for items that you want to wear. That is why A Cleaner World offers same-day service on most items Monday-Friday. Most of our locations can have your items ready by 4pm if they are dropped off before 10am. The Customer Service Representative should confirm your pickup date/time when you drop your items off. Note: same-day service does not apply to Saturday hours.

There are some exceptions, including unique materials like leather or suede and household items like draperies and rugs. If you are wanting a time estimate before dropping your items off, please feel free to call your store.

At A Cleaner World, we will always do our best to accommodate your wishes. Just give us a call, and we will see how we can best satisfy your needs!

same day service a cleaner world
Wild Wednesday 2023 A Cleaner World Calendar

This Week's Wild Wednesday Deals

Wild Wednesday 2023 A Cleaner World Calendar
3 Sweaters $19.25
5 Dress Shirts $14.79
Rugs $2.95/sq.ft.
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