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stack of folded sweaters

Clothing Storage

To keep your clothes lasting a lifetime, they should be kept away from basements, attics, and other spaces that might have moisture. A moist environment is a breeding ground for insects and mildew. So, if you shouldn’t keep out of season clothes in the basement or attic, where should you keep them? A Cleaner World provides FREE in-store storage for one season… just pay for the cleaning!.

stack of folded sweaters

How to Store Out-of-Season Clothes at A Cleaner World

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1 Gather Your Clothes

  • Separate your clothes into two, three, or four groups if you would like to pick up these items at different times. Maybe lighter weight items for group 1 and get heavier for later in the season pick up as you need more warmth. We are still happy to take them all at once.
  • Point out any spills or stains at drop off.
  • Finally, give us an estimated replacement cost for each group that you drop off.
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2 We Clean & Store Them

  • We make an inventory list, noting any special fabrics or decorative trims.
  • We inspect, pre-spot, clean, inspect, and lightly press each garment.
  • We insure these storage items against fire, flood, and theft for your declared value.
  • Once the garments are cleaned and pressed, we will either hang or fold them as needed.
  • Your clothes will be placed in a specially sealed, UV light proof bags lightly scented with cedar oil.
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3 You Pick Them Up When Ready

  • When your out-of-season clothes come back into season, just call us 24 hours prior to pick up.
  • When we receive your phone call, we will take your clothes out of storage, inspect them, refinish them, and package them like a regular dry cleaning order.
  • When you come to pick up your clothes, you will only pay for the cost of the regular cleaning.
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