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Uniform & Commercial FAQs

  • Do I have to purchase dispensers in order to buy my bathroom supplies from A Cleaner World?

    A Cleaner World provides all dispensers, installed free of charge for our customers.  Customers will be charged for dispensers damaged through abuse or neglect.  This policy covers all paper products, hand soaps, hand sanitizers and aerosol air freshener dispensers.

  • When does A Cleaner World replace my worn uniforms?

    Most uniforms are replaced at the end of the “Service Agreement.”  Agreements for uniform service are at least 3 years long.  Our policy is to upgrade uniforms at the end of the service agreement or after 3 years, whichever comes first.   Minor rips, tears, loose hems, split seat seams, and missing buttons are all fixed free of charge.  Every uniform is inspected each time it is cleaned.  We appreciate it when customers notify us of a damaged garment when turning it in for cleaning.  We provide repair tags at each client’s location.  We also have a large inventory of gently used uniforms that can be used to replace badly damaged garments.  These items are billed at a reduced cost.  Occasionally a brand new garment must be ordered at full cost.  

  • Why am I required to sign a service agreement or contract?

    All rental companies require some sort of long term agreement.   This is not just our industry.  Rental cars, rental storage spaces, rental furniture and appliances are just some of the other businesses that require agreements.  A Cleaner World assumes all capital expenses when entering the agreement.  The renter only pays rent.  Remember, if your company rents 100 towels per week, we must purchase 200.  The 100 you use and the additional 100 to be cleaned and returned for the next week.  We have high capital costs and the agreement guarantees income to cover the capital expense.  This frees up cash flow and reduces inventory carrying costs for you.  In this way, both parties benefit from the agreement.  

  • Why should I consider renting an entry-way mat?

    These mats provide a neat, professional, welcoming image for your building.  Our custom logo mats are particularly good for this purpose by further branding your business.  The mats are ideal for preventing slips and falls during inclement weather.  Our standard mat holds several gallons of water and retains about 80% of the dirt that enters your facility.   This factor reduces janitorial costs and keeps the entire place cleaner longer.   Wouldn't you agree that these are huge benefits for just a few dollars per week?

  • What are your prices?

    Customers usually ask this question first.  Since we offer, and customers use, a diverse product mix there is no short answer.  Our sales representative will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your particular needs.  The representative will guide you through an assessment.  This will help you choose the correct quantities, proper sizes, delivery frequency, and appropriate usage rates.  You don’t want to pay for something that isn't being used.  This is the main consideration of price versus true cost.  If your business is seasonal or you have an upturn or downturn we can help.  We will gladly adjust your invoice to reflect requested changes.  There are no service fees to make these changes.  

  • How and when do I pay my invoice?

    Most customers pay by cash or check upon delivery.   A customer may pay monthly by credit or debit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.  Credit terms are available with an approved credit application.  Credit is offered with net 30 terms.

  • What products do you offer?

    We offer uniform rental, uniform purchase, custom printed T-shirts, and custom embroidered uniforms for purchase.  Logo or plain mats can be rented or purchased in a kaleidoscope of colors.   Dry mops and wet mops may be rented in several sizes.  They are constructed from either cotton or microfiber.  There are two styles of aprons in 5 different colors.  We have two grades of towels or wipers in cotton or microfiber.  There are shop towels in cotton or paper along with fender covers.  Glass cleaning towels and grill pads may also be rented.  Are you interested in well stocked rest rooms? You can purchase soaps and sanitizers along with paper products.  We will also rent automatic air fresheners for these areas.  All of our rental products are also available for sale.  You can arrange for us to service those items you purchase from us or from another vendor.   Our DNA is from the garment cleaning business.  This is what we are good at.  If you need something that is not on this list, just ask.  We will do our best to get it for you.  

  • Every company says they are the best. How can you prove it?

    Contact our sales representative for a list of satisfied customers.  These folks will offer you their testimonial.  It might be an awkward conversation at first but these customers want to help you make an informed decision.  There are also references available on our blog.

  • Why should I choose A Cleaner World?

    There certainly are bigger companies in our industry.  Maybe that’s part of the problem.  We are smaller, family owned, and local.   We are members of a large buying group so our prices are competitive. However, competitive pricing really isn't different or better.  The best quality we possess is our level of service.  Because we are small we can move quickly.  If you have a problem, if you need a customized service, if you run short on a product and need more now, you will find us swift to respond.  Perhaps you would like to purchase by “each” rather than “case” lots, or maybe you like an easy to read and understand invoice, or you expect your invoice amount to be constant week after week. We are steady and true.  Don’t you wish the service came with a smile? Ours does!  Are you hoping your delivery quantities are right next time, so the uniforms you turned in are the ones you get back? Sometimes when you call a business wouldn't you like to speak with someone who can solve your issue quickly?  We are accurate and we listen.  Perhaps the last sentence in this answer will demonstrate, in a light-hearted way, our level of commitment.  It may be that your next order will be delivered by our Vice President.  How many companies can say that?  We truly are a hands on company.

  • Do you offer first aid and PPE?

    We offer first aid cabinets and defibrillators across many different industries.  We have a designated route representative who will service your equipment and replenish items on a monthly schedule to stay in compliance with OSHA and ANSI.  

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