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There certainly are bigger companies in our industry.  Maybe that’s part of the problem.  We are smaller, family owned, and local.   We are members of a large buying group so our prices are competitive. However, competitive pricing really isn't different or better.  The best quality we possess is our level of service.  Because we are small we can move quickly.  If you have a problem, if you need a customized service, if you run short on a product and need more now, you will find us swift to respond.  

Don’t you wish the service came with a smile? Ours does!  Are you hoping your delivery quantities are right next time, so the uniforms you turned in are the ones you get back? Sometimes when you call a business wouldn't you like to speak with someone who can solve your issue quickly?  We are accurate and we listen.  Perhaps the last sentence in this answer will demonstrate, in a light-hearted way, our level of commitment.  It may be that your next order will be delivered by our Vice President.  How many companies can say that?  We truly are a hands on company.

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