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Most households spend over 5 hours per week on laundry-related chores. What if you could eliminate this time-consuming chore and spend more time on more important things? Our full-service laundry is for anything that doesn’t require dry cleaning or pressing (t-shirts, workout clothes, undergarments, socks, towels, sheets, and bathroom mats), and we have subscription plans that will save you up to 50% off of our regular rates.

How does it work?

  1. Gather Your Clothes
    • Fill your bag with your dirty laundry. You don't need to sort or do any advanced preparations; that's our job. There’s no need to pre-sort. Our home laundry specialists will sort and separate light from dark items. We also check pockets and pre-treat stains.
  2. We Wash and Fold Them
    • Quality cleaning requires quality products and laundry equipment. Your clothes are washed and dried in our commercial laundry equipment, with high-quality detergents, by trained experts who specialize in caring for garments. Finally, we neatly fold your items, socks are matched, and the clothes are wrapped up nice and tidy like a present.
  3. Get Your Clean Clothes
    • Typically within 24 hours, you can pick up your fresh laundry. If you are in one of our laundry delivery service areas in North Carolina, we can pick-up and deliver your laundry for free.

Subscribe & Save

Pick the plan that best suits your household and save big. Real big. With rates as low as $1.20/lb, that's more than 50% off our per-pound rate.

With our Wash & Fold service from A Cleaner World, it’s our turn to empty the dryer! This would make a great gift for mom this Mothers Day! Stop by your local A Cleaner World to get signed up today!

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