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Summertime, with its hot days and not so cool nights, intense sunshine, and plethora of bugs, is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  It does not bother me that I get stinky and sweaty – that's what antiperspirant is for, or that I quickly turn pink from too much sun – that's what sunscreen is for.  But these products can impact your summertime wardrobe, so we have some tips to help minimize their impact.  

  • Deodorant/Antiperspirant – We have discussed the many issues associated with these products including fiber damage and yellowing.  Aluminum chloride, a substance that most antiperspirants contain, can weaken fibers in cotton, linen, rayon, and some synthetic blends, creating holes during the cleaning process.  To minimize the effects, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application, avoid overuse, and allow to dry before getting dressed.  Look for products without aluminum chloride and purchase those if possible.  Wash soiled garments as soon as possible after wearing.
  • Sunscreen and Suntan locations – The dyes and oils in these products can cause color loss on clothing; the color loss or change may not appear until after you clean your clothes.  Use caution when applying, allowing product to completely dry before dressing, and wash your hands before touching clothes.
  • Bug Spray – Insect repellents typically will not damage most fibers; however, some of these products contain alcohol, which can cause color loss or color change on certain fabrics like acetate and rayon.  We recommend spraying and allowing to complete dry before dressing.  If that is not an option, read the ingredients list carefully before applying directly to or near clothing.
  • Self-Tanners – Self-tanners tend to discolor anything they touch leaving light tan, brown, or yellow staining on the cuffs, collar fold, neckband, and upper button areas.  When using these products, follow the instructions carefully.  Make sure to wash your hands immediately after using and allow the product to completely dry before dressing.  If the product gets on your clothing, wash the garments as soon as possible.  Keep in mind, this product is difficult to remove from clothing.
  • Tropical Clothing – Hawaiian shirts and colorful print dresses are not products, but they are seen primarily in the summer and do require special attention.  These pieces are prone to shrinkage and fading, so be sure to check and follow the instructions on the care label.  For washable pieces where it is not noted, A Cleaner World recommends the gentle cycle, cold water, and air drying on a rack.  Extra diligent ironing might be required.
  • Swimwear – Again not a product, but a staple for summertime fun.  Salt from the ocean and chlorine in pools, spas, and hot tubs can damage the spandex used in swimwear.  Always rinse your suit after wearing and follow the instructions on the care label.  

Don't let mishaps spoil your summertime fun.  If you’re struggling to remove a stain or care for a garment, just drop it off at any A Cleaner World location.  We will take care of the dirty work so you can get back to fun.

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