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Saving Money by Helping Your Clothes Last Longer

Recently I put on a dress and asked Matt, “Does this look dated?”  Of course, he said no, but as I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, I wondered if it had gone out of style.  You see, while it was a simple, knee-length, sheath, black dress, and it was also 9 years old.  It certainly didn’t look 9 years old and that’s because I treat all my clothes with tender loving care.  No joke, and that’s why my things last so long and always look terrific.

So, I started thinking about why my clothes always look nicer and last much longer than Matt’s, and I came up with a list.

1.       I don’t overload my pockets.  Now to be fair, I have a purse and Matt doesn’t, but he does carry a briefcase, and he could put his extra things in it.  But he tends to overstuff his billfold and pockets, leaving behind sagging pockets that show lots of wear.

2.       If something doesn’t fit properly, I have it altered.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when folks wear their pants too long, they drag the floor, and then end up all torn and tattered ultimately shortening their wearable life.

3.       I provide the proper care.  There’s a whole list of things here from treating stains immediately to following the care label to placing garments on the proper hanger.  And the truth is that I do that for every single garment in our house, but things I don’t handle like not placing soiled clothes in the laundry, exposing garments to too much sunlight, putting away rain-soaked garments before completely dry, and jamming clothes into a closet all take their toll and shorten a garment’s life. 

So when I’m shopping, I don’t mind spending a bit more on a quality, classic piece because I know that things like little black dresses, white blouses, pencil skirts, and cashmere sweaters don’t go out of style and with the proper care either at home or by a professional, they will stand the test of time.  To keep your wardrobe in tip-top shape, visit any of our locations for the best care for everything you wear.

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