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A Satisfied A Cleaner World Commercial Services Customer

We live to please our customers.  No joke.  That’s the thing that makes us happiest.  So, when I heard that the folks at Randolph Pure and Unity Pure, both in Thomasville, were exceptionally pleased with our service, I wanted to talk with them because these days, you tend to only hear from folks when they have a negative experience.  Sadly, those conversations tend to form a cloud over heads, and we forget about all the things we are doing right. 

When I called the owner, Jon Hill, I found out that he’s only been working with A Cleaner World Commercial Services for about a year.  He explained that they purchased one of the Thomasville locations about a year ago, and that location was already using A Cleaner World for aprons, towels, and mats.  The store’s manager, Brenda, raved about our services so much that they switched their second location to A Cleaner World as well.  In addition, Jon has had some dealings with the office staff; he’d received a statement and was missing a few invoices.  He spoke with our Office Manager and said, “she was so incredibly helpful and courteous.” 

After the phone call with Jon, I talked to Mike Feudale, General Manager of A Cleaner World Commercial Services, and I told him what Jon had said.  The interesting thing is that we don’t treat the folks at Randolph Pure and Unity Pure any differently than we treat the rest of our customers.  “I think the world has gotten used to bad service,” said Mike, “and whenever a company offers exceptional service or treats a customer with respect, folks are genuinely surprised.” 

Is your business tired of the bad service it’s receiving when it comes to uniform rentalfloor mat rentalcommercial bathroom suppliesdust mops and wet mopsrestaurant towels and aprons, and shop towels?  If so, we can help.  Simply call Scottie Springer at 336-870-6299 to receive the exceptional service you deserve.  He will come by your place of business and help you determine both supply needs and the proper schedule to help you be at the ready. 

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