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Is Packet or Liquid Detergent Better to Use?

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Christen Manager of A Cleaner World here today to answer your burning question. Lately there has been debates on which type of detergent is better, liquid detergent or laundry packets? I am here to explain the pros and cons of both liquid and packet detergents! Let’s break it down… Liquid detergent has been around for years, and it is our loyal laundry companion. Liquid detergent can be measured precisely for the size load of laundry. The cost of the liquid form detergent is cheaper than the packet detergent, because one packet is to be used with a regular size load whereas if you have a large size load it is suggested to use two packets and a pretreatment. Packets of detergent, most commonly referred to as Tide Pods are becoming the norm for use when doing laundry. They are easy, convenient, and most of all mess free! The packets are premeasured into small dissolvable packages, ready to be tossed in with a load of laundry. Although packets are newer to the market than liquid detergent they have had their share of drawbacks. The packets cost significantly more than liquids. The cost of packs are two times more than the cost of a bottle of liquid detergent. Packets have also been reported as a safety risk for children as children have mistaken them for candy and have been poisoned. The packet manufactures’ have come up with childproof cases and zippers to safely package the packets, and keep them from being a hazard. Other than cost the decision is mainly up to the individual tasked with laundry duty. No product is perfect therefore it comes down to personal preference! If you would like to avoid the argument of which is better bring your garments to A Cleaner World, and we will clean them with the best of detergents. For further information on this topic and many more helpful cleaning tips, please visit our website.  Please submit your burning dry cleaning questions to

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