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Laundry-Related Gift Ideas

Once upon a time, utilitarian gifts would have offended me. Not anymore. These days I’m all about convenient, timesaving, useful products, and I’ve discovered three laundry-related items I decided I cannot live without.

  1. Front Load Washer Door Prop – I often complain about the mildew that I periodically clean out of our front-load HE washing machine. After much research, I discovered that one way to help combat that issue is to leave the door open. The problem with that is the door can be a bit wild, and it swings wide open making it difficult to get into our laundry room.  As a result, whenever Matt and Gray go in the laundry room, the first thing they do is shut the washing machine door so they can squeeze all the way in.  This prop keeps the door open, a reasonable amount, keeping the machine dry and ventilated.  
  2. Three Tier Drying Rack – Did I mention that our laundry room is short on space? A hanging three-tier drying rack is a perfect solution for those short of floor space.  Matt mounted two O-rings underneath the cabinets in our laundry room, and the best part is that it is collapsible, and I just fold it up and slide it behind the dog kennel when not in use.  I use it to airdry sweaters, swimsuits, and delicate items
  3. Laundry Detergent Drip Catcher – I know I frequently mention that I do lots of laundry – way more than a normal family of three should produce.  As a result, I purchase the economy size detergent; the giant one with the spout.  I place it on a shelf above my washing machine.  It’s quite handy, and my only complaint with it was that I was constantly cleaning the top of the washer because the spout would drip.  Thanks to the drip catcher, I no longer have this problem.  What a clever invention!  You just snap it onto the economy size detergent, and it stops the drips before they make a mess.  

Let’s face it.  Who really enjoys doing laundry?  Having a few helpful gadgets makes the process much easier.  The only way to make it completely effortless is to sign up for A Cleaner World’s Home Delivery Service and let us pick up your Wash and Fold.  Talk about easier.

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