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Last Minute Gift: A Cleaner World Gift Card

Every year, I struggle with what to purchase my sister-in-law for Christmas.  Do you have someone like that in your family?  That person that has everything they want, and if they discover something new, they just go out and purchase it?  That’s my sister-in-law, but she’s always super gracious about whatever I give her.  The thing is that I want to give her something that really, really excites her, and this year I’ve figured it out – clean laundry.

The one thing that Amy could use more of is time.  She’s a busy mom of two with a husband that travels quite a bit.  She lives next to her in-laws and regularly helps them along with other extended family.  Whenever we visit, she always insists that we stay with her, and she goes out of her way to make the guestroom super comfortable by providing fresh sheets, extra blankets, fluffy towels, and extra toiletries.  I find myself feeling guilty when I place the dirty sheets and towels in her laundry room because I can see that she has already got probably 9 loads of dirty laundry to wash.  That is no exaggeration.

Christmas is just three days away, and with supply chain delays and inflation, I suspect gift shopping has been incredibly trying this year.  Make it easy on yourself.  Stop by any A Cleaner World location and pick up a few A Cleaner World gift cards.  Recipients can use them on anything from wedding gown preservation to wash, dry, fold to dry cleaning to alterations and repairs.  It’s not that you’re giving the gift of clean clothes; you’re giving the gift of time and convenience.  Everyone could use more of both.

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