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How to Purchase a Quality Necktie

When my husband wore a suit every day, I frequently purchased neckties. I based my purchase on two criteria – would he wear it and did I consider it ‘fun’. Like so many folks purchasing neckties, I didn’t know what to look for. I simply purchased what I liked, not thinking about quality.

What to Look for when Purchasing a Necktie

  • Fabric – The general consensus is that silk is the best option for neckties because it retains its shape well, meaning it hangs nicely after tied, allows for a variety of knots, and tends to not wrinkle; it’s soft and has a smooth finish; and has a high tensile strength.
  • Construction – There are a number of things to look for when it comes to purchasing a well-made tie. These are the most critical.
    • Shell – The entire necktie should be made out of three pieces of fabric cut and sewn into the blade (the large end), the tail (the small end), and the gusset (the piece that joins the other two pieces).
    • Cut – Make sure the fabric has been cut on the bias, which allows the fabric to keep its original shape even after it has been tied. When it comes to patterned ties, make sure the seams line up properly so the pattern continues fluidly.
    • Stitching – Check for straight stitches, loose threads, and variations.
    • Edges – A good-quality tie should have rolled edges, not folded.
    • Tie Bar Stitch – Roughly ¾ the way down the back of the tie, there should be a heavy, horizontal stitch that joins together the two pieces of the tie. This stitch is important because it holds the two pieces together and helps the tie keep its shape.
    • The Keeper Loop – This loop, also on the back of the tie, is where you tuck the tail of your tie to keep it out of sight.

The necktie may be the smallest piece of your ensemble, but it is the most important. An inexpensive necktie can ruin a perfectly nice suit, while an impressive necktie can elevate an average suit. Of course, if you spill something on your tie, you can always drop it off at the nearest A Cleaner World location where we provide the best care for everything you wear.

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