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I have an 11-year-old boy, and therefore, my laundry room is loaded with all kinds of stain removal concoctions.  But I am far from a stain removal expert; I cannot even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve ruined a garment just because I’ve taken stain removal too far.  I find myself amazed by how our managers and trained stain removal experts seem to, so quickly and what seems like effortlessly, remove a stubborn stain that I’ve struggled with for days with in a matter of about 12 seconds.  How do they do that?

  1. They are Certified Sanitone Master Dry Cleaners.  They are trained to recognize stains by their color, location, and reaction to stain removal agents.  They understand types of stains; for instance, water-soluble stains like sugars and juices are treated differently than oil-based stains like French Fry grease and mayonnaise.  They also know about the types of fabric and how those fabrics react to both the stain and the removal agent.  Finally, they know the proper techniques of wetting fabric, applying the removal substance, and drying fabric.
  2. They have tools.  Our stain removal professionals have access to specially designed boards that are equipped with steam or water, a vacuum system, and air for drying.  Plus, they have nifty gadgets like brushes, blotters, eye droppers, cotton swabs, and magnifying glasses to help in the process.
  3. They have experience.  Because they’ve received the necessary training and have been successful in expert stain removal for so many years, they know to do things like test for colorfastness, when to cease in attempting, when to pretreat a stain, and to check for stains that may oxidize during the cleaning process.

The more stains I try to remove from Gray’s clothes, the more I appreciate and rely on our stain-removal specialists.  If you have a stubborn stain that’s getting the best of you, don’t ruin the garment (like I do), drop it off at any one of our locations, and our staff will be happy to restore it to its former beauty.

A Cleaner World Staff
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