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Did you know that A Cleaner World’s website has a FAQ section?  There is some super-helpful information on that page, including answers to questions like ‘Will frequent dry cleaning wear out my clothes?’ and ‘What does your organization do to help with environmental issues?’ 

Recently, as I was proofing our new website, I looked at the current questions and realized that more could be added.  If your question isn’t answered, you can always shoot an e-mail to or reach out to us on our contact us page.

When a garment’s care label says washable, does that mean it cannot be dry cleaned?

Not necessarily.  The Care Label Rule states that only one suitable method of care must be provided on the label.  Cleaners typically follow the care instructions unless otherwise requested or if following the instructions could adversely affect the garment.  If you want washable items dry cleaned, please let us know, but we will evaluate the garment before proceeding to be certain the process is safe for the garment.

Is it safe to wet clean a garment with dry clean only care label? 

Sometimes.  This is where A Cleaner World’s expertise comes in handy; over the years, we have had many occasions where the care label was incorrect, and we adjusted the cleaning process.  These decisions are not made lightly, and please remember that professional wet cleaning is nothing like home laundry.  It is a specialized process that requires precise training, the proper equipment, and specific supplies.  There are about ten steps involved in professionally wet cleaning an item from classifying the garment to picking the right cycle with the appropriate amount of detergent and conditioner to finishing it with the correct amount of tension.

Does dry cleaning shrink clothing?

Not usually.  The combination of moisture, heat, and agitation causes a garment to shrink.  With professional dry cleaning, the moisture part is removed and replaced with a special solution that does not contain water.  In addition, we use a specially designed machine, one that uses less mechanical action and is gentler than most home washing machines, that both cleans and dries clothes.  The drying temperature is constantly monitored, and the machine has sensors so that clothes will not over dry.  

Should I store my clean garments in the plastic bags in which they are returned?

Our poly bags are provided to protect your clothing until you get it home.  Never store your clothing long-term in our plastic poly bags because they can trap moisture next to your clothing and cause mildew.  If you are concerned about dust settling on the shoulders, ask us for paper dust covers or use a plain, white sheet or cloth on the shoulder area.  

Can a dry cleaner prevent dye bleeding or fading of a fabric?

No, the manufacturer must thoroughly test the dyes to make sure they are colorfast to both solvent and water.  If the cleaner follows the instructions on the care label and there is color loss or fading, the customer should return the garment to the place of purchase.

Are suede and leather items cleaned the same way as other fabrics? 

No. Special procedures and additives are used on leather and suedes items to help retain their color and texture. Sometimes suede and leather are redyed to replace color loss. It is not always possible to replace or match the colors.

A Cleaner World is full of answers to garment-related questions.  Just reach out if you have a garment-relate dilemma. 

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