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I’ve mentioned before that Gray wears a tie to school once a week.  Now that he’s in high school, he’s graduated to the better-quality tie, so we had to purchase new ties at the beginning of the school year.  After his first day of wearing the new tie, I found it in the wash basket the following morning.  He has much to learn about clothing care.  For instance, neckties do not require cleaning until they encounter a spill or become soiled.  Plus, throwing a necktie into the washing machine isn’t the optimal cleaning method.

Believe it or not, cleaning a necktie can present challenges even to the most experienced dry cleaner.  

Problem: The fabric is often a multicolor print that may or may not be colorfast to certain cleaning methods.

Solution: If a garment or piece of fabric is colorfast, it means the dye on the fabric is strongly bound to the fibers and will take a long time before fading.  If there is no care label or if a manager feels suspect, they perform testing on a small area, typically where the results will not be visible.  This will help determine the best method of care to maintain the tie’s original color.  

Problem: Because the fabric is usually cut on the bias or diagonal grain, neckties may also be susceptible to distortion during wear and cleaning. 

Solution: With over 50 years of training and cleaning experience, A Cleaner World uses several special tools and techniques to ensure the tie’s like-new appearance without causing distortion.

Problem: Several layers are used to construct a necktie.

Solution: To avoid moisture buildup in certain construction types, we might take the tie apart and then reconstruct it to remove a stain.  This will help avoid dye bleeding and migration.

Below are a few things you can do at home to keep your neckties looking snazzy.

  • Use caution when attempting home stain removal.  Blot the stain; don’t rub it.  Rubbing the area while damp may break the surface yarns, resulting in localized color loss that may not become apparent until later.  When in doubt, take it to a professional.
  • Use care when removing your tie.  Instead of pulling the thin end of the tie through the knot, take the time to remove your tie by following the tie-typing steps in reverse.  This will help your ties keep their original shape longer.
  • Properly store your tie.  As soon as you remove your tie, hang it over a coat hanger or a tie rack.  This will allow the creases and wrinkles to relax and fall out.
  • Pack with care.  Fold your ties in fours and place them inside your jacket pocket, then remove and hang as soon as you arrive at your destination.

If your neckties are looking a little worse for wears, drop them off at any A Cleaner World location.  We will happily give them some TLC and return them to you ready for your next business meeting or evening out.  

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