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My sister must be extremely careful when it comes to sun exposure, so she often wears long-sleeve linen blouses and linen slacks during the summer.  That’s because linen, usually considered a summer fabric, is breathable and lightweight and has fantastic cooling properties.  But did you know that linen can be worn in fall and winter as well?  By simply layering a turtleneck under a linen shirt, wearing tights and boots with a linen dress, or adding a knitted wool scarf on top of a linen dress or shirt, you can transition linen garments into colder months.  

One of the things I love about linen is its smooth, crisp finish; sadly, linen tends to wrinkle quickly and easily.  So much so that I never pack anything linen while traveling.  Clothing manufacturers listened to consumer’s concerns about wrinkling and are now offering linen blend options that are softer and more comfortable while still maintaining that crisp look we all enjoy.  Sadly, these blends sometimes require special attention; as with any garment, we recommend reading and following the directions on the care label.

When it comes to linen blends, the trickiest part is stain removal.  For instance, linen and polyester respond well to being washed in the washing machine, whereas linen and silk require dry cleaning.  We have discussed before the importance of addressing and removing a stain as quickly as possible so that the stain does not become permanent, and linen garments are no exception.  Leaving a spill or stain on the fabric for an extended period, or if it is subjected to previous washing and drying cycles, the stain could be permanent.  

If you are experiencing difficulties with a linen garment, remember that linen can be rejuvenated by sending it to a professional.  Dry cleaning solvents and other spotting materials used by A Cleaner World, those that are only available to professionals, can be amazingly effective in removing stains on linen. 

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