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With warmer weather right around the corner, your staff will start losing layers and looking at items to help them stay cooler, not warmer.  One of the uniform items we really love, and so do our customers, is our performance-wear, moisture-wicking short sleeve and long sleeve polo shirts.  I know you’ve heard of moisture-wicking clothing, especially when it comes to workout clothes, but why would you want to consider it for employee uniforms? 

Let’s first talk about sweat; sweat is your body’s way of cooling off when it’s too hot.  Most fabrics are not terribly breathable and trap moisture next to your body keeping it from evaporating quickly.  When you start to sweat while wearing a moisture-wicking garment, its fibers absorb the moisture and then release it to the surface so it will evaporate quickly. 

Benefits of Moisture-Wicking Uniforms: 

  • Instead of holding onto the moisture the fabric will dry, preventing bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Because the moisture is evaporating, garments won’t show excessive perspiration, which translates to a more professional look.
  • Your employees will feel much cooler because their body temperature will be regulated.
  • This particular fabric doesn’t pile, fade, or shrink and is super easy to care for.
  • The moisture-wicking is permanent, so no need to worry about it washing out.
  • A Cleaner World’s Uniform Services Division has a wide variety of brands, styles, and colors to choose from.

To learn more about how our Uniform Plan works, check out this link or call Scottie Springer at 336-992-0700.

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