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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thank You for Donating to Give A Kid A Coat

The 2018 Give A Kid A Coat wrapped up its 31st campaign on Saturday, February 10 after collecting and cleaning 21,188 coats for distribution.

Every year, we are just in awe at the generosity and kindness that you show.  I talked with Captain Bobby Jackson, with The Salvation Army of High Point, during this year’s campaign, and he shared with me what kind of impact Give A Kid A Coat has on those receiving coats.  He explained that many families must decide each month exactly how to designate their limited resources.  Often, they chose between paying the electric bill, buying food to eat, paying rent, or buying coats.  “Give A Kid A Coat allows them not to worry about the jacket needs of their families, so they can focus on other needs,” he shared. 

Besides providing warmth, comfort, and security for the child wearing it, a coat also provides peace of mind for the parents.  And you guys did that.  I feel like saying the words ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem like enough.  Instead, we thought we’d say thank you in photo format, so you could see the impact your donations made.

It’s a team effort – starting with you, going to our hardworking staff, then to the ever-faithful folks at The Salvation Army, and ending up with a warm, happy face.  And that’s why we all love Give A Kid A Coat.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It’s About the Customer

I love hearing stories from our managers, from things like crazy stains they’ve conquered to customers that have visited their stores for years.  So, when I heard that our A Cleaner World on Brandon Avenue in Roanoke had a 25+ year customer, I had to learn more.

Heather Taylor, the manager of the Brandon Avenue location, remembers Mr. Colter visiting the location when she was just a little girl.  “Mr. Colter has always been a big jokester,” said Heather.  “One day I remember him pulling up and ordering a hamburger and a coke.  My dad had just gone to McDonald’s and carried a bag with a burger in it and a coke out to Mr. Colter.  He thought it was a scream.”

Mr. Colter continues the fun now that Heather is the manager, and he especially loves Wednesday, a day he refers to as “hump day”.  One day, roughly 5-6 years ago, he brought the staff a plastic camel in honor of “hump day”, asking that they not mention it to his wife because he stole the camel out of her Nativity set.  To this day, the staff at that store places the camel out on the counter in the lobby every Wednesday.
This is just one of the things that differentiates A Cleaner World from other dry cleaners.  You drop off your dirty clothes, and we clean and finish them for you.  And sure, we have multiple locations in North Carolina and Virginia, but at heart we are a family-owned business.  We know how you like to have your garments finished and packaged.  We know you and your kids.  We love on your dogs.  Sometimes we know when you’re going through difficult things, and we’ll do something special – just because.

So, we just wanted to say thank you; each location has its own Mr. Colter, and we enjoy serving him or her just like we enjoy serving you.  There’s something about a family-owned business where customers are treated like family, where we know what you like, and where we are always there for you.
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