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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

5 Ways to Help Reduce Clutter

Son Gray with a yellow kids stethoscope to add yet more clutter
A few weeks ago, Matt’s dad was in the hospital; Gray and I were visiting when a nurse came in and offered to show Gray around and answer any questions he might have.  I loved that he really wanted to go see other patients, check out the monitors, and ask questions.  But then the thought occurred to me; the last time this happened, he came home with a pile of hospital supplies.  Sure enough, it happened again.  More stuff. More clutter.

With two ‘collectors’ in my house, I am forever battling clutter.  Here are some tactics I use to help reduce clutter in my home:
  1. Just say no.  My first tip is – don’t let the stuff come into your house.  Unless you are absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt sure that you cannot live without it and will use it every day of your life, then don’t even bring it home.  If you haven’t had this widget before and didn’t miss it, chances are you can live without it now.  I say no to my child – a lot.
  2. Purge.  If it did make it into your house, then how often do you use it?  If I use something regularly, say weekly, then it has a home, like a cabinet or closet, somewhere in our house.  If it is a few times a year, then it goes in the storage room off the bonus room or in our shop.  If I haven’t used it in over two years, I donate it.
  3. Get rid of multiples.  I once asked my husband, ‘How many blade screwdrivers does a man need?’  He turned around and asked me, ‘How many pairs of khaki pants does one woman need?’  Point taken.  I am down to three pair.
  4. One in, one out.  I’ve mentioned in past blog posts that I adopted this plan, but in particular, I really apply it when it comes to home décor and my clothing.   
  5. Evaluate your décor.  I don’t have tons of knick-knacks, photos, and mementos on display.  Limiting the number of things you have out helps keep the room from looking cluttered; it also helps when it comes to cleaning time – less to dust.
To me, clutter=chaos=stress; the less clutter in our home, the more relaxed I am.  If you have tips on how you keep your home clutter-free, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.  

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