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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tips to Help Your Kids Keep Their Rooms Clean

I’ve mentioned numerous times that I’m a clean freak – that my house is immaculate…..that is, except for Gray’s room.  I learned some time ago to simply stop trying in his room.  My son loves Legos, little green Army men, and Matchbox cars.  More importantly, he creates these worlds in his room where all these things collide into what he sees as a masterpiece and what I see as a huge mess. 

About two years ago, I’d had enough and decided that I needed to create storage solutions that worked for an 8 year old.  Here’s how we went about organizing the chaos.
  • We had a clean out day.  We got rid of toys he was no longer interested in and donated them to our church.  He tried on lots of clothes, and those that he’d outgrown went to friends that have a son two years younger than Gray.  Then we started organizing what was left……which was still a lot.
  • I had to realize that he’s not as tall as I am, so I got on my knees and looked at everything from his point of view.  We reorganized his clothes so that his everyday clothing is hanging on the bottom rack in his closet, and his school and church clothes are hanging on the top.  We also placed books that he doesn’t read often on higher shelves along with things he’s only allowed to play with adults like messy science kits and his bow and arrow.  This way he can now reach and put away the things he often wants.
  • I got him involved.  Together we picked out some cool storage containers that fit under his Lego table.  Now spare Lego parts and pieces are organized by color or set.  We bought an accordion file and organized all of his Lego instructions by category.  I also purchased baskets and see through plastic containers that just slide onto the shelves in his closet.
  • We found a home for everything.  All items are grouped by category and have a designated spot in a variety of locations.  For instance, all Cub Scout items go in the middle drawer of his bunk bed.  Green Army men and related stuff all live in a couple plastic containers on a particular shelf in his closet.  And odd little spare pieces have their own storage basket.
  • I had to loosen up a bit.  I’m not nearly has strict about the condition of his room, though I do still insist that no more than two play extravaganzas are going on at the same time.  When he tries to pull out a third (and believe me he does), I remind him that it’s time to put up the first two.
The biggest thing I learned was that I had to make it easy for him.  Now, most everything can be dumped and shoved (that’s how it works because he is a 10 year old boy) into a designated basket, drawer, or tub and placed on a shelf in his closet or under the Lego table.  

If you have creative storage solutions that help keep your children’s rooms clean, please feel free to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or G+.

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