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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Storing Winter Clothes

Spring will officially be here in 5 days, and there is not a person in the world that’s happier about that than me.  Not only am I a warm weather person, I like spring and summer fashions way better than fall and winter.  But even though I don’t love my cold weather fare, I do want to keep them looking good for next season, so while we’ve discussed this before, we want to share reminders on how to properly store away out of season clothes so that you don’t have any unexpected surprises down the road.
  • Make all repairs, like sewing sagging hemlines, replacing missing or secure loose buttons, mending split seams, before washing or cleaning garments.
  • Be certain that everything has been washed or dry cleaned before putting it away.  Clear spills and invisible stains will darken with time, making them more difficult to remove later.  Plus, dirt, perspiration, body oils, and food or beverage spills are invitations to insects.
  • Never store garments in hot attics, damp basements, or garages.  Instead choose areas that are cool, well-ventilated, and free from natural and artificial light.  The ideal location would be a cool, dark closet.
  • If you store your garments in a closet, simply drape a sheet or cloth over your things to protect them from dust and light.  If you are storing your clothing in another climate controlled area, place wool garments in cedar chests or other airtight containers.  To keep pests away, place cedar chips or blocks inside containers.  Mothballs also discourage pests, but they can leave a strong odor on clothing. 
  • For things like suits and dresses, hang on good quality hangers and place inside of garment or canvas bags.  Never hang knit items because the weight of the garment on the hanger will lead to distortion.  Instead, fold things like knits and sweaters and wrap them in white tissue to help reduce wrinkles.  If you do choose to hang knits and sweaters, fold them over the cross bar of a strut hanger.  
If your home is like mine and is limited on storage space, you can always store your out of season garments at any A Cleaner World location.  To learn more about our storage service, click here.

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