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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our Coat for Give A Kid A Coat

Over Christmas break, I took the opportunity to force Gray into helping me clean out his closet.  The boy is a packrat, insisting on keeping everything – from the smallest piece of paper to the trinkets from the Chick-fil-a kid’s meal.  I cannot get him to toss anything.  While we were weeding through the stuff, I also sifted through his clothes, making a pile of the things he’d outgrown so we could donate them.

As I dug through his closet, toward the back I found a beautiful, like-new winter coat.  A coat that I think he’d only worn a handful of times because he has both a coat that he’s required to wear to school and a zip up sweatshirt and vest combination that he chooses to wear the rest of the time.  I immediately felt guilty and started thinking about all the children out there that would give anything to have a beautiful, like-new, and most importantly warm winter coat like this one to wear daily.

We took it to A Cleaner World, and Lisa immediately got to work.

And that's how we handle every coat -- we check it and make repairs, clean it, press it, and send it to The Salvation Army so this can happen:

I suspect if you check your closets, you will find a coat or two that you could share with someone in need.  Give A Kid A Coat at any A Cleaner World location now through February 11.

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