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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Service with a Smile

I have the same routine every Friday.  I get up early and run, take Gray to school, and then hit the grocery store around 8:15 a.m.  I do this mainly because the grocery store isn’t terribly busy at that time.  I start in the produce section, where the same two guys greet me with a smile.  They know me because regularly I ask for items that apparently most customers don’t buy, like Brussels Sprouts, dried mushrooms, fennel, and beets.  They are always so nice and friendly, asking me how I’m doing and teasing me about the crazy things I’ll be cooking.

But then I get to the deli.  I always buy some sort of deli meat because Gray’s school doesn’t have a cafeteria, so I have to pack his lunch daily.  The man behind the deli counter never smiles, and many times he seems annoyed when I push my cart up to the counter.  After several encounters, I decided to start chatting with him.  At first it was like pulling teeth, but week after week I made small talk, always thanked him for my order, and smiled as I pushed my cart along.  These days I still feel like I am bothering him, but he does chat a bit now and occasionally smiles.

Before I wrote this post, I read several online articles that talked about what a burden it placed on employees to be friendly and smile while doing their jobs.  In fact, one article went so far to say that it’s just stressful!  I say that’s crazy.  I could go on and on about how a smile gives a first impression, shows state of mind and attitude, and indicates customer value, but just think about how you feel when you approach someone…..anyone, whether it’s a place of business or just passing them on the street.  A simple smile and a warm “hello” is such an easy thing to do, and it could be the thing that makes someone’s day.

A Cleaner World has always trained our Customer Service Representatives to greet each customer with a smile and always thank them for their business, but lately we’ve really been more focused on that part of our service.  While we know customers come to us for our expert stain removal, state-of-the-art equipment, years of experience, and attention to detail, we know that the interaction our customers have with our staff can make you want to come back again or decide to go somewhere else – regardless of how well your clothes are cleaned and pressed.  That’s why we’re asking for honest feedback; we truly want to know if you enjoy visiting our stores.  Do our staff members serve you quickly, with a smile, getting all your information, answering any questions you might have?  If you’ve been coming for a while know, do we call you by name and automatically know how you like your garments finished?  If you have feedback or an experience you’d like to share, please send me an e-mail at wildwednesday@acleanerworld.com.  We really do want to hear from you.

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