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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Cleaner World Commercial Services Delivery Truck

When we started A Cleaner World Commercial Services back in July of 2010 out of the back of a retail location in High Point, we never dreamed we’d, just a few years later, be servicing nearly 400 businesses.  Six years later, after a move to a larger facility and adding three more vans, we realized that we had outgrown our delivery system.  We’d developed a system where the same Route Representative delivered all the route using multiple vans.  We loaded 3 vans for next day delivery.  The rep would start with the # 1 van, and we would deliver the 2nd van to him. That van would return to the plant. The driver would then leave shortly with the 3rd van. He would again meet the rep and switch vehicles.

This worked well for quite a while, but it had its limitations.  First, we spent 10 to 15 hours a week shuttling vans around the Triad.  Second, we couldn’t really stock any additional ‘just in case’ or ‘extra’ items for clients.  Third, it was really difficult to efficiently organize a lot of stuff into such a small area.

In August of this year, we accepted delivery of a 22-foot step-in delivery truck.  Now we can put the entirety of our first route on this truck.  It has made such a difference in allowing us to even better serve our clients by allowing us to carry a large product mix on board.  Customers no longer have to order and wait until next delivery for extra items.  Plus, it’s much more user-friendly than our delivery vans.  Our rep can easily stand up and walk around the back of it.  It has racks for hanging uniforms and shelves for holding product. It was designed specifically for our industry and is safer since the rep enters and exits the vehicle on the right side or through the rear doors. This avoids stepping out in traffic. Its interior design creates less stooping, bending, and reaching unlike the previous vans. Additionally, it has a tremendous capacity, and we currently use about 80% of it. We are excited about our growth and expect to fill it within the year.

While the finished product hasn’t changed, we believe now we can offer our customers an increased level of service.  Our employees love the new truck because it is so much easier to load and unload. Our customers admire the truck but are simply grateful for the fine service we provide. We know that our current customers are the best advertising we have. This truck, like all our business decisions, was made with our customers in mind.

Further, it has the Gray Mitchell seal of approval.  The day of its maiden voyage, we went over to the warehouse to see it come in.  There was so much excitement – by both my son and the staff.  We’ve all been waiting quite a while for this fancy, efficient, and helpful tool, and now we are putting it to good use serving the fine folks of the Triad.  If your business needs help with uniform rental, bathroom supplies, floor mat rental, shop towels, restaurant supplies, or mop rental, give Scottie Springer a call at 336-870-6299.  We’d love to pull this new truck into your business’s parking lot.

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