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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Color Loss Thanks to Bleach

Back in 2011, I shared a story about how my uncle thought imparting this important tip was too obvious to put out on social media: "Chlorine; pool water; cleaners with bleach, ammonia, or peroxide; and even some toothpaste have bleach that can remove color from your clothing." His answer was something like this, "Well isn't that information sort of obvious?"  Apparently it wasn’t too obvious because shortly thereafter, I managed to ruin a pair of yoga pants by splashing toilet cleaner on them.

Recently I managed to ruin another garment again, thanks to carelessness.  Unfortunately this time it was one of Matt’s shirts.

Have you ever had this happen?  You notice a few splotches of discoloration on a garment and think, “How in the world did I do that?”  If it is color loss in a confined small area, then it is likely that it was exposed to an oxidizing agent.  Oxidizing agents are found in all kinds of every day products like hair care, acne solutions, medicine for skin issues, cleaning agents, and bleach.  Many times you won’t notice the color loss until after the item is washed and then exposed to heat in the drying process.  Unfortunately, this color loss is permanent.  It may be possible to cover the area by using a dye pad or pencil or by re-dyeing the garment, but an easier solution is to simply use caution when using these products.  Here are a few things I do to try to guard against this discoloration happening to my favorite things:
  • Brush my teeth and use bleach on my teeth while still in my bathrobe
  • Wear old clothes when getting my hair highlighted
  • Wear old clothes when cleaning, especially when cleaning the bathroom
  • Put on an old apron when dealing with bleach for laundry
How do you avoid messing up your clothes?  Share some of your tips below or on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

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