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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Caring for Your Outdoor Rug

Using an outdoor rug on a patio, deck, or porch or in a sunroom is a great way to compliment an outdoor seating area, and it allows you to extend your entertaining and family space far beyond the walls of your home.  Most outdoor rugs are made of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and polypropylene and are designed to withstand the elements, but they still need regular attention and care.  Below are some cleaning tips to help you keep your outdoor rug looking like new.
  1. Just as with your indoor rugs, the number one thing you can do to keep your outdoor rug looking nice and have it last longer is to vacuum it regularly.  This will keep the dirt and grit from becoming embedded in the fibers, resulting in fiber abrasion and color loss.
  2. Occasionally pick the rug up and clean underneath to prevent damage or abrasion from the bottom.
  3. Clean all spills as quickly as possible so that they don’t become permanent stains.  Because it is an outdoor rug, it is likely water-resistant, but be sure to check the care label before using this method to remove a spill.  Start by blotting up as much of the spill as possible using a clean, white cloth or paper towel.  Next, mix up a gentle soapy solution using cold water and a mild detergent like Woolite.  Gently blot the soapy water onto the area using a clean, white cloth.  Be sure not to scrub or rub too firmly.  Finally, rinse the area thoroughly with plain water and blot dry with a clean, dry, white towel.
  4. If you plan on storing your rug away during colder months, be sure to clean it before putting it away.  Again, be sure to check the tag for water-resistance.  To clean your rug, place it on a clean hard surface, and mix up a gentle soapy solution using cold water and a mild detergent like Woolite.  Use a soft, white cloth to gently clean spots, stains, or dirt, and then hose off the rug.  Hang it over a clothes line or railing to allow it to dry.  Make certain it is completely dry before placing it back on the floor or before rolling it up for storage to prevent mildewing.
Of course, if cleaning an entire rug seems like a daunting task, A Cleaner World Carpet and Rug Cleaning will be happy to take care of it for you and run it through our 6-step rug cleaning process.  Simply contact Greg at 336-804-0045, and he will gladly come pick up your rug and return it to you once it has been cleaned.

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