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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Old Glory with Pride

Did you know that a 17 year old high school student designed the American Flag of today?  According to a number of sites, Robert G. Heft created the 50 star flag as part of a history project.  After receiving a B- for his work, he submitted the flag to Congress for consideration.  When President Eisenhower set up a committee to design a new flag, Heft’s congressman passed the flag to the committee, who then passed it on to the president.  On a side note, Heft and his teacher had an understanding that if his flag was selected, his grade would be changed to an A.  Sure enough, he ended up getting an A.  That’s because in August of 1959, President Eisenhower called Heft to say that his flag had been chosen.  In fact, this flag, on July 4, 2007, became the longest serving American Flag.

Here’s another interesting piece of information – outdoor American Flags that are washed or dry cleaned regularly will both last longer and maintain their vivid colors longer than those that are not properly cared for.  That’s because dirt and air pollution can both make the colors dull and cause damage to the fibers.  If you choose to clean your flag at home, wash it with a mild soap on the gentle cycle and remove it from the washing machine promptly to avoid having the colors run.  Never place your flag in the dryer; instead, lay it out flat and allow it to air dry.

But I have an even better suggestion than washing it yourself – bring it to A Cleaner World.  We clean American Flags free of charge – every day.

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