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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We Clean American Flags for Free

I can’t think of a person I know that isn’t somehow emotionally touched when experiencing a ceremony – any sort of ceremony – that involves the American Flag.  Recently, my parents visited Walt Disney World with my sister and her family.  Disney World is full of sights, sounds, excitement, and indulgences, but one of the memories from their trip that stuck out most in my dad’s mind is the Flag Retreat Ceremony.

My parents had just gotten off the steam-engine train inside of Magic Kingdom when they noticed a crowd around the flag pole.  Curious, they stopped to watch as a Disney staff member along with a retired military member from Ohio took down the flag and folded it properly.  The Disney staff member then presented the flag to the Veteran.  My dad said it was incredibly special.

Sadly, as many times as we’ve been to Disney, I never knew they did this daily ceremony to honor our nation and the men and women that defend it.  Something that many folks don’t know about A Cleaner World, is that we too want to honor our nation and the men and women that defend it.  That’s why we clean American Flags for free – every single day.  Even extra-large American Flags.

If you have an American Flag that needs special attention, please drop it off at any one of our locations.  We will proudly clean it for you at no charge and return it to you when promised, and we will consider it an honor to do so.

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