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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How Often Should You Clean Your Suit?

That’s really not an easy question to answer.  The short answer is – it depends.  It depends on things like how often you wear your suit, how long you wear it, where you wear it, and what you were doing when you wore it.  Think about these things when it comes to cleaning your suit.
  • Did you happen to eat while you were wearing your suit?  Did you notice if you dropped or spilled something on it?
  • Then there’s the ground-in dirt and pollutants from the environment that can abrade garment fibers and shorten the life of a garment.  Was it a hot day?  Did you use mass transit or go to a large public venue?  Did you wear it in a big city?
  • Finally, we shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every hour; that translates to around a million per day.  Those cells, as the fabric of your clothes rub against your skin, can be deposited on your garment.
These are all things to consider as you decide whether you’re going to have your suit cleaned or not.  I feel like I’ve given a non-answer, and I really don’t like doing that.  So I’ve come up with a list of helpful tips to help you in providing the best possible care for your suit.
  • Never let your suit sit in your closet uncleaned for long periods of time.  While insects are not attracted to fabric, they are attracted to and feed on the dirt and body oils on clothes.  So if you wear your suit, even for a short period of time and don’t expect to wear it again for some time, you may want to have it cleaned before placing it back in your closet.
  • If you spill something on your suit, it is best to go ahead and have it cleaned.  Stains only get worse and more difficult to remove with time.
  • After wearing your suit, assuming that it doesn’t need to be cleaned, immediately hang it up on a suit hanger.  Be sure to remove belts and empty pockets to avoid any creasing or stretching.  Don’t put it in your closet if it is damp; be sure to let it completely dry first.
  • When you do have your suit cleaned, remove it from the plastic poly bag before hanging it in your closet.  Those bags are intended to protect the garment during transport only.  To keep dust from settling on the jacket, use a paper or cloth dust cover.  
  • Fine cleaners will hang your suit on a strut hanger with shoulder guards so that the shoulder pads in the jacket don’t become misshapen.  If you discover that your suit is not on the proper hanger when you get it home, be sure to put it on a suit hanger before placing it in your closet.
  • Finally, clean all pieces together to ensure they have a uniform appearance.
As always, feel free to stop by any one of our locations if you have questions about caring for your suit or any garment for that matter.


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