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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dry Mops

When I was little, my mom had a ‘dust mop’, you know – an antique version of the Swiffer – which she used on the kitchen floor almost daily.  I never knew how ahead of the times she was until I learned more about how important this tool is in helping keep floors of shops, garages, and commercial factories clean and debris free.  You’re thinking right now that the broom you are using works just fine, but the next time you use your broom to clean the floor, notice these three things: how it just pushes the dirt around, how it can sometimes leave little lines of dirt behind, and how it creates a cloud of dust.

The advantage of using a commercial dust mop is that it attracts and collects dirt.  That’s because we apply a light static oil, which not only helps collect the dirt, but it also helps the mop glide gracefully across the floor.  I have to confess that I saw one of these things in action, and I was jealous.  We have hardwood floors throughout our house, and I have two messy man-boys that live here with me.  I cannot begin to tell you how many Swiffer dust cloths I go through in a week.  While the Swiffer is a clever invention, the mop itself doesn’t pivot or keep you from stopping and stooping to go under and around things like A Cleaner World’s mop does.  Let me also add that I broke the handle on the Swiffer and am too sorry to buy a new one, so I have to hunch over every time I use it.  The length is the perfect size for a child, not a grown woman.  But if you break the handle on your commercial dust mop, A Cleaner World will just bring you a new one.  The mops themselves are colorful (which is important in my book especially if you color-code areas of your business), come in a variety of sizes, are easy to swap out, and here’s the best part – A Cleaner World cleans them for you.

Having a clean floor not only helps your business look nice, it is important from a safety standpoint.  If your floors need some TLC and you are in Greensboro, High Point, or Winston-Salem, give Scottie Springer a call at 336-870-6299.  He’ll come to you, help you determine what your need, and get you set up a schedule that best fits you and your business.

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