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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Meet Derrick Welch

If you are an A Cleaner World Commercial Services customer, then you recognize this face.

This is Derrick Welch, Route Service Representative for our Commercial Services Division.  Derrick has been with A Cleaner World for three years now and has become the face for all things uniform and business-supply related.  When Mike Feudale, Manager of A Cleaner World’s Commercial Services division, was interviewing for this position, he said there were several terrific candidates.  “But there was something about Derrick,” he explained.  “Not only did he have such great experience, he also had a super-positive, can-do attitude.  I knew he’d be such an asset to our team.”

He was right.  Derrick hit the ground running on day one and hasn’t stopped since.  He typically arrives at the office between 6:00 -6:30 a.m., where the van is already loaded and waiting for him thanks to his teammates Austin and Heather.  He checks his paperwork and then takes off to start his day, usually servicing around 45-50 customers a day.  There’s no one typical stop; each one has its own custom plan, and Derrick performs a range of services from exchanging out uniforms to installing dispensers.  When we spoke, he jokingly admitted to being a bit OCD, so helping a business stay clean and organized is right up his alley.  And while he’s a busy guy with a lot of stops, he always takes the time to check in with his customers – because of everything he does, that’s the thing he loves the most.  “I love interacting with and talking to our customers,” he said.

“Customers love Derrick,” said Scottie Springer, Customer Service Manager for A Cleaner World’s Commercial Division.  “First, he’s incredibly prompt – you can set your clock by him.  He’s also reliable, responsive, always smiling, can anticipate a customer’s needs but doesn’t try to take advantage of them.  Basically he’s an all-around nice guy.”  I asked both Mike and Scottie for feedback from customers, especially on times where he’s gone above and beyond.  They agreed that he goes above and beyond for every single customer.  Derrick does things like running back by a stop on his way home because a customer needed something extra.  He takes ownership of problems and stays on them until they are resolved.  But most of all, he takes exceptional pride in what he does.  So then I asked Derrick if he could think of times where he went above and beyond and really surprised a customer.  “That’s what I try to do with every single customer,” he replied.  “I have good relationships with all our customers, and I like to provide service beyond expectation.”

Exceptional service from an exceptional employee.  If your Greensboro, High Point, or Winston-Salem business has a need, I am sure Derrick would love to add your place to his list of stops.  Just call Scottie Springer at 336-870-6299, and he will stop by to help you get started.  Then you can look forward to experiencing what our current customers already enjoy.

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