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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

After the Holidays Cleanup

I always feel a bit of a letdown after the holidays are over.  I spend so much time preparing for and looking forward to them, and I consider that the fun part, that when they are over, all that’s left is the cleanup.  I find that to be not quite as fun.  But actually, it’s pretty important because it can make things much easier.

Here are two things we do each year after the party is over:

1.    Use great care when taking down your tree and storing your decorations.  It’s tempting to wad the lights up and shove everything in a box, but next year you’ll be thanking yourself that you took the time to do it properly.  We keep our lights in order by wrapping each strand around squares of cardboard.  I read somewhere that empty wrapping tube papers work well for this too.  For our ornaments, we wrap them up in used Christmas wrapping paper, place them in a plastic tub in layers using either previously used tissue paper or old newspaper between the layers for extra protection, and store them in a climate controlled storage room off of our bonus room.

2.    New stuff comes in, old stuff goes out.  We have too much, and others don’t have enough so we started something a while back where we donate an item every time a new one comes in.   During the year when it’s here and there, I keep a box in my trunk and then stop by The Salvation Army when it gets full.  After Christmas, where the grandparents and Santa go overboard, we have a 1-to-1 ratio party and then make a large run to The Salvation Army.  There’s something rather freeing about getting rid of stuff.  Plus items that are donated to The Salvation Army are sold in their Family Thrift Stores, and those funds go toward the many services and programs they provide.  If you don’t have a Salvation Army location near you, you can always drop off your no longer needed items at any A Cleaner World location.  We will make sure the folks at The Salvation Army get those items.

Invest the time and give it a try.  It may take a bit of time to reap the rewards, but I promise it’s worth it.

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