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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Most of us think of insects simply as pests, ones that we smoosh with a tissue or swatter and then place in the trash.  But some pests, like moths, are difficult to see, and the first indication that they’ve descended upon your home is when you discover damage to a garment.  How do you know if you have a moth problem?  Besides the obvious holes in your clothes, they leave webbing, cocoons, and droppings.

How do you prevent a moth infestation?

It’s actually pretty easy -- simply remove their food source by doing these two things.  First, clean and vacuum thoroughly – and not just areas that everyone sees.  But you also need to be sure to vacuum your closet regularly, paying special attention to use the attachment to reach corners, along baseboards, and remove any dust on shelves.  Second, never put away dirty clothes.  Even if it doesn’t appear to be dirty, moths find invisible stains, body oils, and perspiration and will feed on it.  Always, always, always clean your clothes before putting them away.

For added measure, you can use cedar in your closet.  Hang wool garments on cedar hangers or fill sachet bags with cedar chips and place them in your closet.  One side note, while moth balls are also effective, they have a strong smell, and it tends to linger on your clothes.

What do you do if you have a moth infestation?

Find the source and start cleaning.  Thoroughly vacuum the area as well as wash down surfaces like floors, ceilings, and shelves.  After the cleaning is done, be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag and thoroughly clean any supplies used before putting them away.  If your infestation is really severe, you may want to call a professional exterminator.

Immediately wash or dry clean all garments in the infested area, making sure that you don’t move the clothes around your house.  This could cause the moths to infiltrate other parts of your home.  While we normally recommend that you follow care label directions on your clothes, in this instance we suggest you launder your clothes in water that is over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, if the garment can withstand it.  If you opt to have your garments dry cleaned, be sure to mention your moth infestation the A Cleaner World drop off.  View our locations here

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