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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grocery-Store Pre-treaters vs. A Cleaner World Pre-treaters

I have an 8 year old boy.  Translation: I go through a whole lot of Shout Advanced.  It’s pretty decent stuff but doesn’t take care of everything.  That’s because, according to Mike Smith, most products sold at the grocery store are general, all-purpose stain removers.  They are good for many food spills, but they won’t touch things like grease or blood.  I know I’ve shared this before, but the National Cleaners Association says that there is no one size fits all stain remover.  That’s true even at our stores.

But we have access to two things that the average home doesn’t. First, a few select companies that specialize in making spotting agents to address specific stains and to compliment both the dry cleaning and wet cleaning processes.  These companies have been doing it for years (like more than 100), employ research chemists, have patented processes, state-of-the-art facilities, and fully comply with environmental regulations.  The second thing A Cleaner World has is the knowledge and training to evaluate each spot and spill and then choose the appropriate spotting agent and cleaning method.  While the products we use are considered professional grade, it’s the product in conjunction with the know-how that gets the kind of results that you simply cannot get at home.

It has taken me both years of trial and error and ruining a number of garments to realize that there are certain stains and spills that I simply must leave to A Cleaner World.  Here’s advice from a stay-at-home mom (that does LOTS of laundry) with a messy boy – water-based stains are fairly simple to remove.  For many, using a good-quality grocery store pre-treater and laundering according to the care label takes care of it.  Sometimes more effort is required – like soaking in warm water with a color-safe bleach and then laundering according the care label.  But for things like oil-based stains, combinations stains, ink, blood – a grocery store pre-treater simply won’t work.  That’s when stopping by one of our locations so that our trained staff can use our specialized spotting agents comes in handy. 

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