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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sun Damage on Clothes

In our June newsletter, we shared some information on how the sun can impact our clothes.  In a nutshell, here’s what we said:
  • When you are out in the sun, your clothes are being bleached by the sun.  This is especially true in the shoulder area and around the waist.
  • Color loss problems don’t manifest themselves until after the garment has been cleaned.  It may look okay before you wash and dry it, but the loss shows itself after the fabric has been exposed to heat in the drying process.
What we didn’t tell you is what you can do about it.  “Nothing,” said Mike Smith, Vice President of Operations.  “Well that’s not terribly helpful,” I said to him in return.  “Unfortunately, it is the nature of the beast.”  But he went on to tell me some do’s and don’ts for choosing your wears if you are going to spend the day outdoors.
  • Certain colors will fade more noticeably.  Avoid wearing dark colors; instead opt for lighter color garments.  A yellow pastel shirt will still be susceptible to sun damage but it won’t be nearly as noticeable.
  • Certain fabrics will fade more easily.  Avoid wearing garments made of silk.  Mike said a deep color silk blouse can be faded by the sun in a really short amount of time.
  • The best shirt to wear, especially for a day on the golf course, is a light color dri-fit polyester golf shirt.  According to Mike, the fading on that type of shirt is minimal.
The only way to avoid sun damage to your clothes is to never go outside.  That doesn’t sound like a good option.  But if you try to follow these suggestions, then perhaps the noticeable sun damage will be kept to a minimum.

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