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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jordan Davis – A Cleaner World’s Personal Firefighter

On April 29, Jordan Davis and his coworkers were wrapping up their day.  It was 6:50 p.m., just 10 minutes until closing time when Jordan thought he smelled smoke.  The smell seemed to be coming from the back of the building.  As Jordan turned to leave the lobby to investigate, he didn’t have to look far – flames were shooting out of the top of the restrooms located in the back of the building.

Quickly, Jordan sprang into action.  After evacuating the building, he grabbed a ladder and two fire extinguishers and then in his words, “simply put it out.”  I’d say there was nothing simple about it.  His smart thinking didn’t stop there.  Given the location of the fire, he thought it could be an electrical-related fire, so after the fire was out he also turned off the power.  What was the cause of the fire?  Lint buildup in the exhaust fan of the restroom.

Jordan’s quick thinking and action saved the A Cleaner World on Strickland Road from experiencing a major disaster.  Thankfully, the damages to facility were minimal, and there was no damage to any customer garments.  But to be on the safe side, the manager, Brent Dixon, and his staff re-cleaned some items.  We always like to err on the side of being over-cautious.

Jordan, a jack of all A Cleaner World trades like customer service, problem solving, spotting, dry cleaning, can now add another skill to his already long list – firefighter.  Nicely done Jordan!

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