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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Caring for Drapes

Whenever I think of drapes, I think too much about form and not enough about function.  Besides adding a decorative touch to a room, drapes actually serve almost as a filter by guarding against the sunlight, heat, dirt, and dust coming through your windows.  As a result, they take a fair amount of abuse.  The sunlight causes the fabric to weaken, and the dirt and dust build up can impact your home’s air quality.  Regularly cleaning your drapes not only improves the air quality in your home, it also adds years to their life.  Cleaning your drapes is also much more wallet friendly than purchasing new ones.

We clean and restore lots of drapes, and as a result, we’ve come across a lot of issues over the years.  We thought we’d share those issues with you.

•    Two weeks ago, we talked about how the sun can cause color loss on your clothing.  Not only can sunlight discolor your drapes, it can also weaken the fabric, so much so, in fact, that the fabric can shred after being cleaned.
•    Moisture can also be an enemy to your drapes.  A window leak or a pet stain can cause dye bleeding and water rings, which may be difficult to remove.
•    Shrinkage could be an issue as well.  The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute reports that manufacturing industry standards allow 2-4% shrinkage in household fabrics.  Some fabrics are prone to shrink more than others, but four percent can make a big difference in the appearance.

You’re reading this and thinking that we’ve given you all the problems but no solutions.  Below are a few tips to hopefully help with your current drapes or if you are in the market for new ones.

•    To reduce the chances of sun damage, use window film, sheers, blinds, or shutters along with your drapes.
•    Just like with your clothes, darker color drapes absorb light and show color loss more quickly.  If your windows will be subject to intense sunlight, consider using lighter color fabrics for your drapes.
•    Check the fabric composition.  For instance, polyester fabrics hold up better when exposed to sunlight. 
•    If possible, choose lined drapes.  The lining will take the brunt of the sun before the front of the drapes.
•    Before purchasing new drapes, check to see if the fabric has been properly pre-shrunk.
•    When caring for your household items, whether it is through washing, professional wet cleaning, or dry cleaning, be sure to have all matching pieces done at the same time to keep the appearance consistent.

If your drapes are in need of special care, drop them off at any one of our locations.  We are here to help.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Cleaner World Uniform Rental

My son started a new school this year. Matt and I are super excited about the academic challenges that await him.  He is excited about the fact that they have both a fencing program and 'cool' uniforms. 

They have an exceptionally strict uniform policy -- khaki pants or shorts which is no big deal but then there's the white and navy polo shirts, navy vest, navy jacket, navy sweatshirt, white dress shirt, and special t-shirt -- all of which have to be purchased, from one particular vendor, because they wear certain garments on certain days.  It was a hefty upfront investment.  And as I was paying for all his stuff, I found myself wishing I could qualify for A Cleaner World's Uniform Rental program.

If you are a business owner and using rental uniforms, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  There's an upfront investment when you hire a new employee, and then you also have to trust them to properly care for those uniforms.  A Cleaner World's Uniform Rental takes away both of those issues.  First, by eliminating that initial upfront investment, freeing up your cash flow and reducing your inventory costs.  Second, by inspecting every piece each time it is cleaned, so that we can make any necessary minor repairs and replace missing buttons.

So why else might you want to use A Cleaner World to provide and care for your uniforms?

*Our Customer Service Manager, Scottie Springer, will come by your business to help you determine which uniforms best fit your needs and to get you set up on a schedule.

*Our Route Service Manager, Derrick Welch, will visit your business weekly to drop off freshly cleaned and pressed uniforms, pick up your soiled ones, and make sure everything is working to your satisfaction.

*There are no upfront costs when you get started -- only some nominal charges for the company logo and/or name emblems.  In addition, we have multiple payment options.
*You'll have an organization with over 45 years of garment care experience caring for your company’s uniforms.

If you have additional questions about A Cleaner World's Uniform Rental service, check out the FAQ section on our website or simply call Scottie at 870-6299 or 992-0700 or send him an e-mail.  We are here to help.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sun Damage on Clothes

In our June newsletter, we shared some information on how the sun can impact our clothes.  In a nutshell, here’s what we said:
  • When you are out in the sun, your clothes are being bleached by the sun.  This is especially true in the shoulder area and around the waist.
  • Color loss problems don’t manifest themselves until after the garment has been cleaned.  It may look okay before you wash and dry it, but the loss shows itself after the fabric has been exposed to heat in the drying process.
What we didn’t tell you is what you can do about it.  “Nothing,” said Mike Smith, Vice President of Operations.  “Well that’s not terribly helpful,” I said to him in return.  “Unfortunately, it is the nature of the beast.”  But he went on to tell me some do’s and don’ts for choosing your wears if you are going to spend the day outdoors.
  • Certain colors will fade more noticeably.  Avoid wearing dark colors; instead opt for lighter color garments.  A yellow pastel shirt will still be susceptible to sun damage but it won’t be nearly as noticeable.
  • Certain fabrics will fade more easily.  Avoid wearing garments made of silk.  Mike said a deep color silk blouse can be faded by the sun in a really short amount of time.
  • The best shirt to wear, especially for a day on the golf course, is a light color dri-fit polyester golf shirt.  According to Mike, the fading on that type of shirt is minimal.
The only way to avoid sun damage to your clothes is to never go outside.  That doesn’t sound like a good option.  But if you try to follow these suggestions, then perhaps the noticeable sun damage will be kept to a minimum.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jordan Davis – A Cleaner World’s Personal Firefighter

On April 29, Jordan Davis and his coworkers were wrapping up their day.  It was 6:50 p.m., just 10 minutes until closing time when Jordan thought he smelled smoke.  The smell seemed to be coming from the back of the building.  As Jordan turned to leave the lobby to investigate, he didn’t have to look far – flames were shooting out of the top of the restrooms located in the back of the building.

Quickly, Jordan sprang into action.  After evacuating the building, he grabbed a ladder and two fire extinguishers and then in his words, “simply put it out.”  I’d say there was nothing simple about it.  His smart thinking didn’t stop there.  Given the location of the fire, he thought it could be an electrical-related fire, so after the fire was out he also turned off the power.  What was the cause of the fire?  Lint buildup in the exhaust fan of the restroom.

Jordan’s quick thinking and action saved the A Cleaner World on Strickland Road from experiencing a major disaster.  Thankfully, the damages to facility were minimal, and there was no damage to any customer garments.  But to be on the safe side, the manager, Brent Dixon, and his staff re-cleaned some items.  We always like to err on the side of being over-cautious.

Jordan, a jack of all A Cleaner World trades like customer service, problem solving, spotting, dry cleaning, can now add another skill to his already long list – firefighter.  Nicely done Jordan!

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