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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Top Five Most Common Rug Stains

Over the last couple months, we’ve shared with you the most common rug stains we see and how to handle them - pet urine, pet poo, red wine, Kool Aid, and soda.  If you read those posts, you’ll notice that the method of attack on all stains is similar.  But before you clean up that mess on your rug, I need to point out two things:

1.    I need to clarify my terminology just a bit.  We (I mean everyone in general, but not Greg who understands the difference) use the words spot and stain interchangeably.  A spot is a foreign matter that is usually removed by standard cleaning methods, while a stain is a foreign matter that has penetrated the rug’s fiber and possibly caused permanent damage.  It is important to understand the difference when dealing with and discussing foreign matters on your rug.  Which leads me to my second point.

2.    Know when to quit.  Sometimes it may take repeated attempts to completely remove a spot or spill.  Likewise, there are times when some stains simply cannot be removed without causing permanent damage to the rug’s fiber.  If you’ve made several unsuccessful attempts to remove a foreign matter, stop.  Don’t take it too far.  Once you’ve pulled color or damaged fibers, there’s no fixing it.  Instead, call Greg at 336-804-0045, contact us through our web site, or e-mail Greg at acwcarpet@earthlink.net and let our professional rug cleaners have a go.   

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