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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet Shannon Manley – A Cleaner World, Davis Drive

Shannon started working for A Cleaner World on a part-time basis while still in high school.  After graduation, she started working for us full-time and before long, she was promoted to store manager.  I asked Mike Smith what it was about Shannon that made him believe she would make an exceptional manager.  “She had this quality of always thinking of the customer and wanting to do right by them,” he said.  “There are lots of things you can teach – how to spot a garment, how to run equipment, but you can’t teach someone to be conscientious or caring.”  Those qualities have translated into 15 years with A Cleaner World, lots of great friendships, and many satisfied customers.  If you ask Shannon what keeps her going, she’ll tell you that she “enjoys working with people and finds satisfaction in providing a service that makes people smile.”  Hugs help too.

One of her regular customers dropped off a favorite dress with a red wine stain.  The customer had first tried to remove the stain at home.  When she realized she couldn’t, she entrusted the job to Shannon.  She left the dress thinking that the stain probably couldn’t be removed.  When the customer came to pick up the dress and saw that the stain was removed, she got out of her car and gave Shannon a hug.  “It was very rewarding to receive that hug for doing my job,” said Shannon.

Not only will she go out of her way for a regular customer, she also goes out of her way for a one-time customer.  Recently a gentleman came in with a suit jacket that he had stuffed into a bag.  He explained that he was here from Denver for an important meeting later that day, and he couldn’t show up in a wrinkled jacket.  Was there any way we could help?  Shannon took his jacket to the back and got to work.  A short time later, she returned it to him in tip-top shape – all the while he waited in the lobby.  He was absolutely amazed to have his jacket back quickly so he brought back donuts and coffee, despite being in such a hurry.  Donuts are also a nice thank you.

Speaking of food, I asked Shannon what stain she sees most often.  Her answer – food and drink.  She offered two really helpful tips – 1. Always wear an apron when cooking and 2. Always point stains out at drop off.  Two terrific suggestions to follow.

If you are in Cary and have a dry cleaning crisis, stop by and see Shannon at our Davis Drive location.  She will take good care of you.

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