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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A New Friday Trend

A few years ago, my husband interviewed with a company that had an incredibly casual dress code.  In fact, one of the Vice Presidents he interviewed with wore flip flops.  Matt wore a suit.  During the three years that Matt worked there, I could never remember the guy’s name.  But when Matt said ‘flip flop’, I immediately knew who he was referring to.

Matt’s fashion sense never quite fit in at Lampo.  That’s because he was always overdressed in his khaki pants and button-up dress shirts, while the majority of the staff donned holey jeans, concert t-shirts, and tennis shoes.  But there is always an exception.

A few years ago, a relatively new employee decided to shake things up a bit.  He was actually a recent immigrant from the UK, having moved here after marrying an American.  He started wearing his Sunday best on Fridays.  It quickly caught on and before you knew it, folks were coming in wearing three-piece suits, wing-tipped shoes, and every hair on their heads in its proper place.  It even had its own name -- “Smart Dress Friday”.  Below is a photo from their website.

I’ve often expressed my displeasure with how casual we’ve all become, so this new trend pleased me.  Perhaps more folks will follow, and we’ll start seeing fewer folks in holey jeans and concert t-shirts and more folks in suits and dresses.

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