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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Tale of the Christening Gown

Can you get 4 year-old spit up out of a 45 year-old christening gown?  Glenn Batts can.

Recently, a gentleman stopped by our A Cleaner World on Leesville Road in Raleigh with just such an item.  He said that the christening outfit was his, several children had worn it over the years, and he didn’t know when it had been cleaned last.  Was there any way we could get it out?  Glenn was in the back of the store working on something at the time, so the customer happened to talk to our Vice President of Operations, Mike Smith.  “You’d be mighty lucky to get it out,” said Mike.  “But you’ll have one of the best in the business working on it.”  I can attest to that; Glenn has rescued a few garments of mine.

“I knew I had to take great care with this one,” said Glenn.  “Because the garment was 45 years old, I couldn’t soak it for fear that it might fall apart.”  Glenn simply spotted the area, several times flushing after each time, with a combination of a neutral spotting agent, an acid-based spotting agent, and then a general purpose stain remover.  Then he dry cleaned the outfit and had one of our skilled pressers finish it.  The result?  Check it out:

Glenn was pleased and a bit surprised.  “The Lord was on my side on this one,” he said.  I reminded him that it was a christening outfit, after all.  And the customer?  He was more than pleased – in Glenn’s words, “He was ecstatic.”

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