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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Number Two Most Common Rug Stain – Dog Poo

Pets. They worm their way into our homes and hearts and become so much a part of our families.  I’ve had a number of dogs over the years.  I love them all.  But no dog will ever compare to Libby.

I got Libby shortly after moving to Greensboro.  She was a mix between a Silky Terrier and a Poodle, and she had a big personality.  My mom always said she was half human.  She was a terrific dog – well trained, obedient, and housebroken.  But she did, on occasion, have an accident.  And when there was an accident, it was either because I was gone too long or there was something wrong.

Within my first few weeks working at A Cleaner World, I came home to piles of Libby poo all over the living room rug.  It was clear that something had not settled well.  After I recovered from my gag-fest, I got to work.  Unfortunately, besides remembering that there were 7 piles and that I gagged – a lot, I don’t remember how I went about cleaning up the mess.  Luckily, we now have Greg Henderson, manager of A Cleaner World Carpet Cleaning to tell us how to properly clean up pet poo.  Here’s what he recommends for most rugs – unless it is silk – then he recommends that you call a trusted rug cleaner.

1. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and use some sort of utensil like a spatula along with a dust pan to scoop up the piles.
2. Take plain, white paper towels and try to remove as much of the remaining residue as possible without smearing it.
3. Get a bucket of cold, soapy water and clean the area using a clean, white cloth. Use a pH neutral detergent, such as Woolite, and be sure not to scrub or rub too firmly.
4. You can use a store-bought spray cleaner, but be sure to check its pH value.  If it is an alkaline product, then be sure to rinse well with something on the acidic side after so that it neutralizes the rug or carpet. 
5. Blot the area dry with a dry, clean, white towel.
6. If the area is large or if there are several places, set up a fan to circulate the air so that it will dry quickly.

A word of caution – use care when using products like detergent and spray cleaner.  It is a good idea to test an inconspicuous area (perhaps on the back) to make sure there will be no dye bleeding.  But of course, if your pet pulls a number two on you and you are feeling a bit uneasy about moving past number two on our checklist, simply give Greg a call at 336-804-0045.  He’s glad to help.

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