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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meet Carrie Pierce - A Cleaner World, Union Cross

Managing a dry cleaning plant is hard work – the hours are long, our managers spend most of the day on their feet, and the heat can be unbearable.  But there are rewards too, and those rewards make the hard work worthwhile.  Every time I ask a manager about the rewards, they all say the same thing – it’s the people – both the folks that show up every day to work and the folks that come through the drive thru entrusting us with their clothes.  Carrie Pierce, manager of our A Cleaner World on Union Cross Road in Kernersville, is happy to be one of those managers.  She loves helping people -- from the lady who came in frantic because her red blouse faded on her husband’s jacket to this delightful couple:

Carrie said that a gentleman stopped by her store one recent Saturday morning to see if he could have his military uniform cleaned, pressed, and ready that afternoon.  He went on to share that he and his fiancĂ© had decided to get married the very next day!  Carrie and her crew got to work, and his uniform was in prime form in no time.  When he returned at 3:00 to pick up his uniform, his fiancĂ© accompanied him and had a previously-worn bridesmaid dress with her.  It was the dress she wanted to wear when they got married.  Carrie said it was stained, most likely with a drink, and incredibly wrinkled.  The young lady asked if it was possible to simply press it.  Nothing doing.  Carrie gladly cleaned and finished the dress that afternoon, and it turned out beautifully.  The bride-to-be picked it up just before closing and was so very happy.

Carrie smiled as she shared their story.  “People just want to be treated with respect, honesty, patience, and kindness,” she said.  That’s what she and her staff do every day, with every garment they handle.  Then it was back to the work – there were clothes waiting for her.  But to her, and all of our managers, they are more than just clothes.  They are pieces of people’s lives, and we are happy we get to help.

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