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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Meet Vickie Cribb

I started working for A Cleaner World in 1996.  Before I was to start my position in the office, Chris wanted me to spend a month in the stores so that I could really learn the business.  One of the folks that taught me the ropes was Vickie Cribb.  At that time, Vickie worked at our Adams Farm location but had been originally hired a few years prior to that as a shirt presser for our Thomasville location.  Basically, she’s worked every position a dry cleaning plant has to offer – and mighty well I might add because 9 years ago she was promoted to Manager.  She now manages our A Cleaner World located on Inman Road in Greensboro.  Here are three things you should know about Vickie:

She loves Halloween.  Every year she dresses up, treats her customers, and attends parties.

She loves her work and her customers.  She knows their needs quite well.  Here’s a perfect example.  One of her long-time customers broke his back and was out of work for approximately 2 years.  He recently went back to work but has trouble getting dressed, so Vickie and her staff button his shirts so that he can slip them on over his head.  They also bag them individually, backwards, so he can see which shirt he is grabbing each morning.  It’s that little attention to detail that makes Vickie so special.

In her spare time also likes taking motorcycle rides with her husband Jimmy.

Given her 20 years in the business, Vickie has seen a lot and learned a lot.  She said that over the years, technology has evolved to not only make her job easier but to also protect the environment.  While she is quite good at what she does, she will admit that she cringes when she sees red wine stains or water spots on dry clean only garments or household items.  And the one piece of advice that she tells her customers – never ever pre-spot on your own.  Certain stain removers may not dry clean out and depending on the stain and the product used, it can even set the original stain.  As a girl known for being too much of a risk-taker on clothes at home, that’s some really sound advice.


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