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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Too Much Stuff? Consider Donating.

I vividly remember as a child laying on the family room floor with my sister in October and November looking through the Sears Wish Book.  We would nearly wear out the pages looking at all the toys as we composed our lists of toy requests for Santa.  A couple of months ago, Gray did the modern-day version of that by laying on the floor in the kitchen with my iPad looking at the Lego site and at Amazon.  He had two pieces of paper – one for birthday and one for Christmas – and he went to town on the toy requests.

Later that evening, Matt and I went up to Gray’s room after taking a look at the lists.  The kid already had too many toys.  The problem with Gray is that everything is special – even the 6 page space activity book from Chick-fil-a.  Matt started talking about building a second level onto his Lego table.

Nonsense.  There are so many kids out there that would be thrilled with just a fraction of his toys.  It was time to share.
I suspect that Gray is not alone in the too many toys department.  Tomorrow is Christmas, and we all will be getting new things.  A few months ago I adopted a policy, every time something new came in, something old had to go.  A pure 1-to-1 ratio.  So as the new stuff comes in over this holiday season, why not take a look to see what you can share?  A Cleaner World has had a long-standing relationship with The Salvation Army.  You can drop off no longer needed items – clothes, shoes, toys, even furniture – at any A Cleaner World location, and we will make sure the folks at The Salvation Army get those items.  The Salvation Army will place the items for sale in their Family Thrift Stores, and the proceeds directly fund Salvation Army programs that provide basic needs to individuals and families in need.

Writing this motivated me to share.  Below is treasure-trove of extras that we recently donated to The Salvation Army.


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