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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Commercial Floor Mats

I know I’ve mentioned many, many times that I have an overwhelming need to be clean.  With my family, it is incredibly difficult to keep a clean home – especially a clean kitchen floor.  During the warmer months there’s the grass clippings and garden dirt.  During the cooler months, Matt has a woodworking project going, so the mudroom, laundry room, and kitchen floors see a fair amount of sawdust.  They don’t wear shoes past those three rooms so that’s where the dirt stops, but I tend to spend most of my time in those three rooms and my bare feet can’t stand the feel of walking on dirt and grime.

In September, I shared with you what I had learned about our commercial floor mats during a visit to our A Cleaner World Commercial Services Division.  I commented at the end that I’d love to experience that 80% reduction in soil entering into my house.  Just a short time later, these lovely mats appeared at my front door.


While I cannot quantify the percentage reduction in the amount of dirt that enters my house on the floor, I can tell you that the bottom of my feet have noticed a significant difference.  I decided to ask one of our customers, Robbie Bryson with Triad Fitness Center in High Point, to see if he could help me.  Robbie said he immediately noticed a difference when he put one of our commercial floor mats at the front door.  “Before I had a cheap mat at the front door,” he explained.  “But this mat is like carpet.  It absorbs water and catches the dirt when it first comes in.  Plus it is black so when one of our members comes in with dirt on their feet, it is pretty obvious.  It has caused them to pause and many times take off their shoes.  It’s really our first line of defense and helps with keeping dirt from being tracked all over the gym.”  He went on to share how friendly and honest Derrick is, how he makes sure the gym is always stocked but never tries to oversell, and that he changes out his mat every other week.

If you are constantly dealing with dirt being tracked into your place of business, why not consider giving Scottie Springer, our Commercial Services Customer Service Manager, a call at 336-870-6299?  He will be glad to stop by to see how we can help.


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  2. I love how that doormat blends in well with the floor. Absolutely beautiful.


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