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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cleaning and Storing Halloween Costumes

I love piecing together homemade Halloween costumes.  It’s something my mom did for my sister and me.  I’ve always done it for Gray, and I have to admit that I’ve come up with some pretty cute costumes over the years.

This year Gray wanted to be a police officer, so I got online and took a look at some costumes.  As I went through his toys to see what he already had that I could use, he saw a picture of a ready-to-purchase costume and went crazy.  Matt heard the ruckus and before you know it, the two of them were lobbying me to buy it – and I caved.  Did I mention that it was $50?

With prices like that, I think more than one use is in order.  But like any garment, you should never store a costume away without cleaning it first.  Here are a few suggestions to help should you decide to get multiple uses out of your kid’s Halloween costumes:

•    Always wash or dry clean before placing in storage. Insects are attracted to drink, food, and perspiration.
•    Check the care label for cleaning instructions and follow them.
•    If you have questions about the fabric, instructions, or cleaning method, bring it in to one of our locations and let us examine it.  We’ll tell you if it is something we think you can clean at home, if it requires professional cleaning, or if it is considered a disposable costume.
•    Store costumes in a temperature controlled environment – never in a cold basement or hot attic.  Extreme temperatures can cause damage.

I checked the care label on Gray’s police costume – it’s a cotton/poly blend that can be machine washed in cold, tumbled dry on low, and pressed with a warm iron.  It is in the wash as we speak, and I will follow my own advice so that it can be used next year.  For more information on caring for Halloween costumes, check out our Helpful Hints section.

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