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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet Michael Rowe

I remember when Michael Rowe, Manager of the A Cleaner World on Robinhood Road, was hired 16 years ago.  He’d never worked for a dry cleaner before but quickly showed us that he had what it took to be a stellar manager.  Over the years he’s managed several different A Cleaner World locations, and now not only does he manage our Robinhood Road store, he also supervises another production store as well as a drop store.  He likes this new challenge because it allows him to spend time at all three locations “helping to maintain the great customer service standards of A Cleaner World.”

Here’s a great example.  Recently a customer came in to the store around 2:00 one afternoon.  He had failed to put the lid back on his ink pen before putting it in his pocket.  The shirt was covered in ink, and it was a favorite.  The customer took a spare shirt out of his backseat, changed, and left Michael the ink covered one.  Immediately Michael went to work and was able to fully restore the shirt in a couple of hours.

Ink is a difficult stain to remove, especially if garment care labels are not correct.  According to Michael, “There are a lot of garments that should not be handled the way the care label recommends.”  That’s where his 16 years of experience comes in.  Over the years he’s learned all the different processes that each fabric and print requires so that everything is handled properly and returned to a customer looking its best.  “Customers can always rely on A Cleaner World to know how to handle their garments,” he told me.

Not only does he like the production portion of his job, he also enjoys the people portion of his job.  “I like the relationships that we build with our customers,” said Michael.  “We see them frequently, and you become almost like family.  They hear about my kids, and I like to hear about theirs too.”

I was curious.  After 16 years, surely there was something about his job that he didn’t particularly enjoy.  “The 98 degree days,” he told me.  “But I’ve gotten used to it after 16 years.”  I can attest to that.  I was at his store in July.  He was crisp and polished in khaki pants and a polo shirt.  I was dressed in shorts with sweat running down my forehead.

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