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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home Ironing Versus Professional Finishing

Have you ever been in a pinch where you had to wash and press a pair of khakis?  That happened to me recently, and here’s how they turned out:


So how is it that A Cleaner World can get them crisp looking and mine look like that?  I had to know.  Lisa Walters, Manager of the A Cleaner World on West Wendover, and Alan Peatross, District Manager, were kind enough to spend a few minutes showing me how.

First they placed my pants on a pant topper.  This piece of equipment formed the waist and seat and is particularly important if the pants are pleated.  The pads on the top come down and help set the pleats in place.

Then they were placed on the utility legger so the legs could be properly pressed.

Here are the key differences between pressing at home versus having A Cleaner World finish your khakis.  First, we spray a combination of sizing and water before pressing the legs.  This conditions the pants and helps them press better, giving that crisp look that I like so much.  Second, A Cleaner World’s equipment is calibrated with the appropriate amount of steam and pressure coming both from the press head itself as well as coming up through the pad on the bottom.  As I watched and asked questions, I couldn’t help but notice how expertly and comfortably Pam moved the pants around, ironing out all the wrinkles I put into them.  Then I commented to Alan on how I struggle with the process.
“Think about your home iron,” Alan said to me.  “Home irons provide a little steam on the top of the garment only plus you are trying to iron on an unstable board and thin pad.  You just can’t get the combination of conditioning, steam, and pressure at home.”
In the end, it’s not completely me.  To get that crisp look, professional equipment and the proper expertise are required.


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