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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lightning Strike

My son is absolutely petrified of storms.  This latest round of storms packed the threat of tornados along with a large amount of lightning.  As Gray and I, along with Bruce and Arrow, sat in the closet off the dining room, I did my best to calm his nerves.  I proceeded to tell him that the odds of a tornado coming through or our house being struck by lightning were so small. 

The storm passed, and I coaxed him out.  Life for us returned to normal the next day.  But I flipped on the local news at lunch to find that a house in our county had been struck by lightning, causing a fire.  Luckily firefighters were able to contain the fire to just the kitchen area, but the house did sustain a fair amount of smoke damage.

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, 1 out of 200 homes will be struck by lightning each year, while 1 in 280,000 people will be struck by lightning each year.  Even with those statistics, the safest place is still inside.  The National Weather Service says, “You are not safe anywhere outside.”  They recommend that at the first clap of thunder you run to a safe building or vehicle and stay there until 30 minutes after the last clap.

The folks mentioned above were smart enough to have smoke alarms installed and in proper working order.  They made it out safely and will be able to salvage most of their things.  While we always say that a home is a man’s castle, we also know things can be replaced or repaired.  A Cleaner World is a nationally recognized leader in restoration dry cleaning and laundry services.  If you ever have a need, we can help.  Simply call Mike Feduale or Greg Henderson at 336-992-0700.

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